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My Tutorial Book: Wigs 101

English edition out now! (June 2019)

Get your e-book in my Etsy store now or meet me at conventions to grab the exclusive print edition!

My first wig tutorial book will teach you everything you need to know about your first wigs. This is the stuff I’ve been teaching in my basic wig panels for over 10 years. Wigs 101 is the perfect companion for beginners and a short & sweet reference book for seasoned cosplayers!

On 32 full-color pages you’ll find clear step-by-step instructions:

  • how to find the perfect wig and what to watch out for when you buy one
  • how to put on regular wigs and lace-front wigs correctly
  • how to detangle your wig and take care of it
  • how to cut a wig
  • how to whip up simple styles: straightening, shaping with heat and hairspray, moving the parting on a wig
wigs 101 lace front
Wigs 101: How to put on a lace-front wig (model: Eveline)

To round off the handbook, I’ve included a dictionary with wig terms and tools that every stylist should know.

wigs 101 wig types
Wigs 101: Wig Types

Wigs 101 has been translated and proof-read with great care to bring you only the best wig advice.

For a look inside the book, watch this video on Facebook.

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