Wig Care on the Road

wig with hairspray can
Protect your styled wig with hairspray

Long wigs tangle badly when you wear them all day at a convention. Here’s a few simple tricks to make wig care easier!

The no. 1 cause for tangling is friction. Give your wig a thorough coating with hairspray – also on the underside of the wig, where it will rub against your neck all the time! Heavily styled wigs are less prone to static and tangling.

wig with ribbons
Keep long hair tangle-free!

Long hair should be tied off with ribbons or cut-open hair ties whenever you’re not posing for pictures. This works great for ponytail wigs, too! You can even use a hair tie in a matching color to tie off the tip and leave it in all day. It will be invisible in most photos.

When you haul a bag around, make sure the hair doesn’t get caught under the shoulder strap. Careful with exposed velcro tape or hook closures on your costume! Try to find alternative ways to fasten things in the neck and shoulder area.

Gently brush your wig several times a day while you’re at the con. Ask a friend for help. Carry around a detangling brush or wide-tooth comb, or simply use your fingers to remove the worst tangles. Just make sure to never pull on the hair with force. Do not put off detangling after each con, or the only solution to your frizz may eventually be the scissors (or the trash can)! High-quality wig fibers are generally easier to detangle than cheaper ones. The longer the hair, the more reason to invest in a good wig that will last you for years (with good care).

detangling a wig with fingers
Your fingers are a very effective wig-detangling tool!

Kukkii’s Advice: I find that veeery long wigs are better suited for private photoshoots rather than conventions. Especially when you’re less experienced with wearing and caring for wigs, maybe try a shorter style at first?! You’ll likely have more fun at the con, and it means less work the next day!

Looking for a step-by-step guide to detangling your wig? Check out my Wigs 101 tutorial book!

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