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Social Media

Can’t get enough of Kukkii-san? Follow me on these platforms and never miss an update!

Instagram: kukkiiCos

My feed is almost 100% cosplay photos, so it’s perfect if you just want the no-frills Kukkii Cosplay experience. I also post work-in-progress in my Stories so you’ll know what costumes and other projects I’m currently working on.

My IG is English only.

Facebook: Kukkii-san

Facebook has the biggest archive of cosplay photos and mini tutorials (wigs & cosplay) that you won’t find on my website. Check out the albums to see photos sorted by cosplay genre and tutorial topic! I’m also active in a lot of cosplay-related FB groups, and I love giving advice to fellow cosplayers and beginners.

My FB page is bilingual, I always post in English and in German. (Which language you see on older posts depends on your FB account settings.)

Twitter: scarletstarla (kukkii karen)

Twitter is my oldest social media platform, and it’s my favorite site for networking. My interests are a lot broader than just cosplay, so be prepared for RTs of international politics, pop culture, art, and daily foodporn. If you want life updates and you like debates and unpolished WIP more than pretty cosplay photos – Twitter is the place to go.

I tweet about 80% English, 20% German.

Etsy: kukkiiCos

My Etsy store is the only place where you can buy my wig tutorial e-books (in English and German). To learn more about the content of my books, and when & where to buy the print edition: check out the Shop pages here on my website!

Do you have a question about my tutorials, or a cosplay I made? If you don’t feel like messaging me on social media, drop me a good old-fashioned email!