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New Wig Tutorial Book and E-book

My second wig tutorial book, Wigs² – Level Up! is now available to every cosplayer. Buy the English e-book edition in my Etsy store, or get the complete bundle with my beginner’s guide Wigs 101!

Wigs² – Level Up! is your hand-holding guide to ponytail wigs, updos and advanced styling techniques with foam core and extension hair. My book will teach you how to create styles that defy gravity.

I start off the book with a basic tutorial on how to put a wig in a high ponytail, and what challenges you need to overcome. Wigs don’t behave like human hair at all, so I share my do’s and don’ts to help you avoid typical mistakes and get clean, long-lasting results.

basic stubbing tutorial
Basic tutorial with tips and tricks how to tie a wig in a high ponytail

The so-called „stubbing“ method provides the perfect base for a variety of styles that I demonstrate in detail in the add-on tutorials. I’ll show you how to create round hair buns, long and poofy ponytails, ninja ponytails and top knots that need extra support, thick braids or hair loops, and wigs with multiple ponytails.

poofy ponytail tutorial
Poofy ponytail tutorial for long and thick tails

Every project comes with a list of materials that you need, a scale that helps you gauge the complexity and time, and it has clear step-by-step instructions with lots of tips for your own wigs.

back parting tutorial
Back parting tutorial for wigs with multiple tails

90% of the hundreds of photos were taken exclusively for Wigs². Styling examples and beautiful cosplay photos with the finished wigs inspire you to get creative!

I’ve included a guide to different types of extension hair, glue and foam that I use in my own wig workshop. Product tips have been adapted for the international version! I conclude the book with a brief wear and care guide, as well as a tutorial how to resize your wig to make sure it fits your head perfectly.

foam core overview
Foam core overview with links to in-depth tutorials

Two years after launching the German edition of Wigs 101 (Perücken 1×1), I am finally holding in my hands the complete English edition of my wig books. And I’m already working on book no. 3 with more styling techniques that my followers asked for!

Thank you to my readers so far, and to my fantastic creative team: my designer Anna, my photographer Erik and my proofreaders Johannes and James, who helped turn my fantasy into reality!

Get your advanced wig styling guide now, or buy the complete e-book bundle on Etsy and save up to 15%.

Prefer the print edition? Come see me at a convention near you, or watch out for special sale events and giveaways on my social media!

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