New Tutorial Book: Wigs 3D

Your one-stop wig styling guide: how to cut bangs, add volume, create curls and spikes – from natural looks to crazy styles!

Buy here – or pre-order the German edition: Perücken 3D

A long time in the making, “Wigs 3D” is my third wig book and it’s the one you’ve all been waiting for! It walks you through you the most popular wig styling techniques:

  • how to plan a style and make your wigs look more natural
  • how to cut bangs
  • how to make your wig thicker
  • how to style curls and spikes

Each chapter revolves around one type of style and includes a bonus tutorial that takes this technique one step further – like natural-looking bangs and big, poofy anime bangs. Wigs 3D goes beyond the basics that you’ve seen in Wigs 101, but it’s just as easy to understand!

With over 470 photos and clear step-by-step instructions, Wigs 3D is your one-stop guide to beginner-level and intermediate wig styling.

The character styles were carefully chosen to show you a range of techniques that you can apply to your own projects. Gorgeous cosplay photos with my models Calssara, Symphonia, Yoshi’s Cosplay and Minaco will inspire you to create!

Wigs 3D will be published as an English-language e-book on Etsy on January 19th, 2021. A print edition and German edition will follow in early 2022.

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Book design by Anna of w10b, all photos are by _bild_er_leben_

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