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I’ve been writing and making art since I could hold a pen. My cosplay career actually started in the world of academia! Around 2004, I did my first research on anime fans in Europe. Then I discovered cosplay, and I’ve never looked back from there.

While I focus on blogging and tutorial writing today, my texts have been published in a few books and magazines over the years, in English and German. I also work as a freelance editor to help my fellow creatives with their texts.

Hit me up if you need help with your research on cosplay and fan cultures – I love chatting with young academics and journalists to educate more people about the wonderful worlds of cosplay!

Tutorial Books

  • How to Make myCostumes (2015, co-author). Frankfurt: myCostumes-Verlag.
    (German) Award-winning cosplay tutorial book. Out of print
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Academic Writings

  • „Cosplay“ (2020) in: Handbuch Gameskultur. Über die Kulturwelten von Games (pp. 160–163). Edited by Olaf Zimmermann, Felix Falk. Berlin: Deutscher Kulturrat.
    (German) Overview of cosplay history and culture, with a focus on the video game community.
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  • „Kostümwechsel: Weibliche Rollendarstellungen im Cosplay“ (2016) in: Japanische Populärkultur und Gender. Ein Studienbuch (pp. 237–271). Edited by Michiko Mae, Elisabeth Scherer, Katharina Hülsmann. Wiesbaden: Springer VS.
    (German) Article on girls’ and women’s cosplay culture, sexism and female gender performance in anime.
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  • „Cosplay: A Transnational Fan Community?“ (2013) in: The Phoenix Papers, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 121-140.
    English article on cosplay cultures and transcultural exchange in the anime and Star Wars fandoms. Think of it as a condensed version of my German thesis.
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  • Fan Costuming and Cosplay zu Star Wars und Anime: Die kulturelle Praxis von Fans japanischer und amerikanischer Populärkultur (2013). Gießen: Longtai Verlag.
    (German) Doctoral thesis on cosplay in the anime and Star Wars fandoms. My masterpiece and one of the first academic books on cosplay, ever!
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  • „Cosplay“ (2010, co-author) in: Leben in Szenen: Formen juveniler Vergemeinschaftung heute. 3rd edition (pp. 45–53). Edited by Ronald Hitzler, Arne Niederbacher. Wiesbaden: VS-Verlag.
    (German) Co-author Christoph and I made the first attempt to describe cosplay as a youth subculture in the 2000s: where cosplayers meet, how they build a community inside the fandom, and why they cosplay. Written before the advent of social media, this is super retro.
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Other Articles

Cosplay Community

Contest and Con Reports

  • „DCM Finale 2017: Cosplay auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse“ (2017) for Teilzeithelden
    (German) Con report for a role-play and pop culture news blog
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  • Staff writer for DCM-Magazin (2013)
    (German) Con reports, interviews and behind-the-scenes features for the official blog of the German Cosplay Championships (DCM)
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  • „Perücken für’s Larp: Seidenglanz und Lockenpracht“ (2015) in: LARPzeit #49 – #50
    (German) Live-action role-play magazine
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You’ll always find my latest wig tutorials in my books and here on my blog. Do you want to know what keeps me motivated? Learn more about my mission and how I started writing tutorials!