wig with highlights

How to Add Highlights to Your Wig

Highlights in contrasting colors are a great way to make a plain wig stand out in a crowd. Here’s a cheap and easy way to add highlights in a pinch!

latch-hook highlights
Use a pulling needle to thread hair through the wig mesh
pulling needle
Pulling needle for dreadlocks and extensions

Take some loose extensions („silky straight kanekalon“ bulk hair, or cut-offs from a long wig) and a latch-hook tool for dreadlocks and hair extensions (also called a pulling needle). You’ll find both in ethnic beauty supply stores and online, at Doctored Locks, for example. The tool looks like a crocheting needle or a large ventilating needle, but with a hook that can be closed to „latch“ onto the hair.

Put your wig on a wig head and pull up the hair to reveal the space between two wefts. Use section clips or crocodile clips to keep the hair out of your way.

Section off a small strand of loose hair and fold it in half to form a loop. Thread the latch-hook tool through the wig undermesh: from the top, stick the needle underneath the weft (hook open). Grab the hair loop with the needle and close the hook around the hair.

Pull back the needle until the hair loop emerges on the other side. Open the hook and remove the needle.

latch-hook highlights
Pull the hair through the loop to „latch“ onto the weft
latch-hook highlights
Pull on the extension hair to tighten the loop

Put your fingers through the hair loop and pull the rest of the hair through the loop to make a knot. It’s now tied around the weft. Pull to tighten the knot.

wig with pink highlights
You’ve successfully added highlights to your wig!

Repeat with as many strands of hair as you wish! 

Highlights near the crown of the wig will be more noticeable, in the bottom layers they’ll create a more subtle effect. Leave them a little longer than the base wig and give the wig a layered cut for a natural, „tipped“ effect.

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